Based on frequency, we can divide brain waves into four or five categories. Characteristics of each one is as follows:


· Beta waves (40HZ – 70HZ) – State in which you are awake and active and make conscious decisions. This is dominant state for adults throughout the day.

· Alpha waves (8HZ – 12HZ) – State of relaxation; state in which you are when watching TV, meditate or read a book.

· Teta waves (4HZ – 7HZ) – State that is like a nap. You can easily wake up.

· Delta waves (1HZ – 4 HZ) – State of deep sleep, like coma.


We will mention Gama waves (40HZ – 70HZ) that are present in state of total concentration and focus or in ecstasy.


Your hypnotist will spend two thirds of the session talking to you while you are in beta state. The rest of the time you will be in Alpha state. You can be in deeper state but that is not necessary since in Alpha state you are 200 times more susceptible to suggestion; enabling you to receive and accept messages that will have positive effect on desired changes in your life.


Alpha state is easily achieved. That is the same state we all enter several times during the day: while reading the book, when watching TV, when playing video games. We enter Alpha state right before falling a sleep or waking up. One great example of this state is working with computer. You probably noticed that working with computer ‘draws you in’ but the ring of the mobile phone ‘wakes you up’.


Hypnosis is the most direct tool for changing bad habits. If we take all kinds of therapies available, hypnotherapy will be the one with best result in least amount of time; it will lead you to qualitative changes in your life.