Q:  Can hypnotist  make you do something against your beliefs and norms?

A:  NO; HypnotIST can not do anything you do not want or is against your moral and beliefs. For EXAMPLE, HYPNOTHERAPIST CANNOT MAKE YOU START SOMKING AGAINST YOUR WILL OR DO ANYTHING ELSE.


Q:  What if I fall asleep during the session?

A:  It is quite normal that some people deeply relax and fall asleep during the session. However, even when asleep, your mind will be ‘awake’. THIS IS JUST A NORMAL SLEEP AND YOU EASILY WAKE UP.


Q:  What about things I do not want anyone to know?

A:  Since you cannot do or say anything you do not want; your secrets are safe.


Q:  What if I say or do something that I may be ashamed of later?

A:  You cannot do or say anything you do not want and hypnotherapist cannot ‘make you’. YOU CANNOT SAY OR DO ANYTHING AGAINST YOUR WILL OR AGAINST YOUR MORAL AND BELIEFS.


Q:  Is hypnosis dangerous?

A:  Hypnosis does not pose any risk to your mental health. You are in the same state as you are during normal sleep. You will feel refreshed and relaxed. 5 minutes of hypnosis is equal to one hour of meditation.


Q:  What if I feel uncomfortable during the session?

A:  If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can always break it by simply counting to three…

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