NLP is neurolinguistic programming whose role is to correct behavior and communication problems. It is based on researching human behavior, thought process and our perception of the world that surrounds us.

NLP enables people to succeed; as success is a real human characteristic and quality, from its inception, through practical use to its acceptance as natural and constant.

Everyone has certain abilities and NLP enhances them.

NLP is practical discipline and encompasses a series of models, skills and techniques used for effective adaptation of thoughts, our behavior and beliefs that confine us and prevent us from reaching goals and become more successful.

Founders of NLP were R. Bender and J. Grinder. They had a goal of finding a way to help people to lead better, fulfilled and happier lives. They created NLP as a quick and effective psychotherapeutic method.

Name NLP consists of three words:

- Neuro; meaning neurology (senses)

- Linguistic; meaning language, speech (not just verbal but also non-verbal one; one we use to present our thoughts and emotions)

- Programming; meaning inner mechanisms programs under which we model our behavior through our habits, beliefs and stereotypes.


Today, NLP is fastest and most powerful method for personal changes. It will not teach what you already know what is not good but will teach you how to change what is not good.


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